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I feel like I need to say this right off the bat, Please don't re-post this anywhere, including, but not limited to, the Eternal Crusade forums (Grig).


It's been a wild year, it really has. 

First off, I want to thank several people on the Eternal Crusade team, because they've made this one of the best professional experiences of my life. I mean that sincerely, and moving foward not working with you is going to actually be the hardest part of this "break up".

To Miguel, David, Steven, Brent, Nicholas, Nicole, Katie, Houman, Shawn, Shaun, Patrick, Pat, Peter, Mathieu, and yes, even you Nathan, you were the core of people I worked the closest with, and who made my job enjoyable, even interesting ;)

If you didn't make this list, is for one of three reasons:

1) I don't like you, either due to something you did, or completely fabricated grudges. ;)

2) You were, likely, Francophone or in another department, and our paths/conversations rarely crossed.

3) I forgot.

It's one of those, with a couple of exceptions (yeah, I'm talking about you two) so please don't take offense (unless you think I intended it, then.. man, I hope you're offended!)

In truth, I'd work with, and hope to work with, almost all of you again - except you Mathieu, and that's only because you're, like, 75 years old and should probably be retiring, no? ;-) (I kid, he's probably only around 55, and he's a good guy ;) )

I'd be completely remiss if I didn't thank, wholeheartedly, Graham McNeill and Kai Lim. Graham was an absolutely fantastic writing partner to work with, you sir, are an expert in your field and I look forward to working with you again sometime in the (hopefully) near future. Kai ( ukitakumuki ), thank you for bringing my creation(s) to life. You were nothing but professional, and I enjoyed working with you tremendously. 

Secondly, I want to thank the community--man, what can I say there? I've come to consider several of you true friends, and I hope that just because I'm being shoved out the door doesn't mean we won't continue to stay in touch. I play plenty of games you can intrude in, er.. I mean "multi-player" games, though I'll be honest, I really don't know how much I'll be on the forums from now on. If you want to keep in touch, you'll need to find me on Twitter (@IvanMakesGames), or on Steam (ScorpioSymbol).

I'm on the book of faces too, but please, for any of these methods, let me know who you are before you send me a blind invite ;) I ignore those, 99% of the time.

Thirdly, please be careful with playing the blame game. The reality of it is that Behaviour isn't, historically, a primary development studio, so writers and narrative designers really don't have a place that makes sense within their corporate hierarchy. The decision to not re-up my contract was made above David, Mathieu, and Nathan's heads. I still very much care for most of this team, and wish the project success. There's also a chance that they'll be asking me back as an out-sourcer on a contractual basis to help knock out the rest of the games narrative needs--I'll keep you posted with how that goes.

Lastly, I'll offer this, and this is by and large advice to Behaviour (and their HR department) - exit interviews are extremely important. You have a ton of money invested in this project, and you're hemorrhaging talent, by and large all due to one person on the team that nobody wants to work, or be supervised by with anymore, but everyone is too polite/scared/nice to complain about. Open your eyes folks.

I leave you with the last words of one of my idols in life, Chewbacca:


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Ivan Mulkeen
Artist | Professional | Literature
Game developer and Writer, currently based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Past projects I've worked on/done work for include:

Mass Effect 2
- Most/All Mass Effect 2 DLC

Dragon Age: Origins

Star Wars: The Old Republic


EverQuest Next

Current Project:

I'm currently the narrative designer and one of the game writers on Behaviour Interactive's Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade.


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Lance-C-Bones Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
How do you work on so many amazing games, be here for over a year, and not have any comments yet!?!

Played a lot of Mass effect 2 and a good amount of SW:TOR. Have yet to try Dragon Age: Origins, but have heard so many good things about it, as well as Thief, and plan on them both. Can't wait for Eternal Crusade! 
ScorpioSymm Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Professional Writer

Have you pre-ordered yet? ;)